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M'VP: A Champ's Diary


The 6th Annual Awards

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In this series, A’ja Wilson gave fans an all-access view of her 2023 season and defending the championship title. We shot 4 episodes, each focusing on a specific element of her preparation, game day, off day, and trails of a season. Through the series we were able to hear from A’ja directly as she expressed her inner thoughts and emotions.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

M’VP: A Champ’s Diary provided unprecedented access to one of the league’s premier athletes, the series redefined the standards for storytelling and audience connection in women’s sports. Through its exclusive distribution on the WNBA app, the series not only drove significant user engagement but also showcased the potential of digital platforms to serve as immersive content hubs for sports fans.

This work sets a new standard for fan engagement by offering a comprehensive, behind-the-scenes look at the life and journey of A’ja Wilson. By prioritizing authenticity and transparency, the series fostered a deeper connection between fans and the athlete, inspiring loyalty and investment in the WNBA brand. Additionally, the success of ”A Champ’s Diary” serves as a catalyst for industry-wide innovation, encouraging other sports leagues and organizations to explore similar content initiatives that highlight the personal stories and experiences of athletes.

By amplifying the voices and experiences of athletes like A’ja Wilson, the industry can create more inclusive and compelling narratives that resonate with diverse audiences, ultimately driving growth and relevance in the ever-evolving landscape of sports entertainment, particularly within the realm of women’s sports.


The all-access series featuring A'ja Wilson on the WNBA app during the 2023 season was a groundbreaking endeavor aimed at providing unparalleled insight into the life and journey of one of the most prominent figures in women's sports. Our primary objective was to offer fans an intimate glimpse into A'ja Wilson's world, showcasing not only her unparalleled athleticism and dedication but also her unique personality and the depth of her character. By delving into A'ja's inner thoughts and experiences throughout the season, we sought to illuminate the multifaceted aspects of her identity, from her unwavering work ethic to her moments of levity, vulnerability, and the profound respect she commands within the league. Through this immersive series, we aimed to inspire and empower fans, particularly young women, by illustrating the determination, resilience, and passion required to excel at the highest level of professional basketball.

Strategy & Execution

Our approach aimed to intersect with the most significant events of the year, ensuring that the series remained relevant and timely within the broader sports landscape. We endeavored to present A’ja Wilson in a refreshingly vulnerable light, transcending the superficiality often associated with traditional media coverage. ”A Champ’s Diary” served as a conduit to A’ja’s innermost thoughts and emotions, offering viewers an authentic glimpse into her psyche, distinct from the polished façade of social media or standard media responses. Through candid interviews and intimate moments, we captured real, unfiltered reactions from A’ja, including pivotal instances like her resilience after injury or her monumental performance scoring 53 points.

By prioritizing transparency and authenticity, we established a direct line of communication between A’ja and her fan base, fostering a deeper connection and understanding of her journey. We strategically delved into three key pillars: A’ja’s preparation, her triumphs and challenges with the Aces, and the pivotal role of her family in her life. This approach ensured that the series resonated with a diverse audience, catering to both avid followers of women’s basketball and newcomers alike, while enriching their appreciation for A’ja Wilson’s remarkable story and achievements.


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Content Strategist

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