MYND presents The Wrigley Field Meditation Series | 6th Hashtag Sports Awards

MYND presents The Wrigley Field Meditation Series

Chicago Cubs

The 6th Annual Awards

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In a groundbreaking move, the Chicago Cubs made history as the first major sports franchise to announce a CBD partnership. To generate excitement around the introduction of MYND products at Wrigley Field, the Cubs embarked on a creative meditation journey that combined mindfulness, a little humor, and Cubs personalities.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Fans loved the quirkiness of the meditations. Each meditation leaned into the talent’s personality while also educating Cubs fans on what MYND drinks was. Fans comments were reassuring that the content delivered was entertaining while staying within the Cubs eco-system. This digital storytelling was a win for the partner, The Cubs, and the Cubs fan. This series can serve as a conversation starter for exposing Cubs fans to more diverse, wellness consumer products verse traditional hot dogs and beers.


The Cubs' endeavor to combine sports, a CBD partner, and a mindful activity culminated in exceptional audio experiences that resonated deeply with their fanbase. This collaboration between the Chicago Cubs, MYND and Cubs talent exemplifies the power of sports to push boundaries and deliver unique, immersive wellness experiences to fans outside of the ballpark. When the Cubs announced their CBD partnership with hemp-based wellness drinks, they garnered significant media attention. To bring MYND’s campaign, “Free Your MYND” to life, the Cubs wrote, produced, and edited an original 3-part meditation Series. Fans embarked on a journey that fused the tranquility of their renowned ballpark and notable players and moments in Cubs history through the perspective of their favorite announcers and players.

Strategy & Execution

When selecting what type of mediations to do and who should be voicing them, the Cubs leaned into specific personalities and types of guided meditations. Pat Hughes was selected for a visualization mediation because of his endearing quirk to provide vivid and detailed descriptions of clothing, players and the sights and sounds of Wrigley Field for the kickoff of baseball season. Carlos Zambrano was selected for a reflective meditation due to his infamous angry antics and outbursts. Zambrano was a satirical choice for tranquility as the regular baseball season came to an end. Finally, Jeremiah Paprocki’s soothing announcer voice was perfect for a sleep meditation to help put fans to sleep as they dreamed of baseball hall of famers during the cold offseason. Meditation has gained popularity in recent years, and the Cubs thought their fanbase could benefit from this mainstream practice of releasing stress and tension.


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Pat Hughes
Chicago Cubs Radio Play-by-Play Announcer
670 The Score

Carlos Zambrano
Chicago Cubs Baseball Player from 2001-2011
The Chicago Cubs

Jeremiah Paprocki
Public Address Announcer, Wrigley Field
The Chicago Cubs

Alex Seyferth
Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
The Chicago Cubs

Ryan Balogh
Sr. Director Account Management & Activation, Corporate Partnerships
The Chicago Cubs

Gina Sime
Assistant Director, Corporate Partnership Strategy
The Chicago Cubs

Andrea Burke
Sr. Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships
The Chicago Cubs

Matt Romito
Sr. Director, Cubs Productions
The Chicago Cubs

Jim Oboikowitch
Director, Brand and Player Marketing
The Chicago Cubs

Nicholas Siman
Operations Manager, Corporate Partnerships
The Chicago Cubs

Andre Lewis
Coordinator, Cubs Productions
The Chicago Cubs

David Rivera
Coordinator, Digital Assets
The Chicago Cubs

Tiffany Busch
Coordinator, Digital Content
The Chicago Cubs

Casey Gleason
Freelance Editor

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