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New York Jets Home Opener Photo Series

New York Jets

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The New York Jets are submitting their 2023 season home opener photo series for consideration for Best Photography. This photo series features the key moments captured during the game that highlights the emotions throughout the stadium by the Jets photography team.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

This photo series represents excellence in engagement because each of the photos taken during the game tell a story about the culture within the Jets organization, the unification of two teams showing pride in their country, and the emotions that surrounded the stadium throughout game day. These photos not only tell multiple stories in a single shot, but it showcases the talent of the Jets photographers behind the camera with the creativity and execution of each photo within the series


The New York Jets photography team pride themselves on their ability to encapsulate key moments every home game that tell a story through the emotions captured in the photos. During the 2023 home opener on September 11th, the Jets paid tribute to the fallen heroes and First Responders on the 22nd anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11. The photos were documented and created into a series to be distributed in real-time to let fans who attended the game have photographic memories of their time there and to let fans at home feel like they were there.

Strategy & Execution

The Jets photography team work together to capture every moment perfectly and precisely. Prior to game day, the New York Jets photography team create a shot list that include player arrivals, player introductions, national anthem presentation, post-game interactions, and locker room interviews.

To ensure all these photos are captured, photographers among the team are assigned specific shots and positions on the field to best capture those moments. The photos are then uploaded in real-time through ethernet cables that are built into the MetLife stadium walls, which acts as a direct connection from the field photographers to the editing team so that they can distribute the photos within minutes of them being taken. These photos are distributed and utilized on all Jets owned and operated channels, facility murals, partnerships, activations, and advertisements.

To capture the perfect photo, the Jets photographers utilize emotional intelligence, environmental awareness, understanding of individual players, and knowledge of the game to capture the best photos possible. They anticipate photos before they occur by tracking players eyes for anticipated plays and ensuring all photos are captures at the perfect time, in the best position, and in a way that highlights the actions and emotions on camera.


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Sarah Snyder
Manager, Photography & Digital Archival Services
New York Jets

Jashari Blige
Seasonal Intern, Photo
New York Jets

Jim Golden
Freelance Photographer

Gretchen Peters
Assistant, Digital Media
New York Jets

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