On Base with Mookie Betts | 6th Hashtag Sports Awards

On Base with Mookie Betts

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The 6th Annual Awards

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2x World Series Champion & Dodgers veteran leader Mookie Betts sits down with stars across the MLB to go in depth on their lives both on and off the field like never before.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

During our season from May until October, On Base was consistently the No. 1 baseball podcast in the U.S. Where there are several athlete-led podcasts among other sports, Mookie was able to stand out and put the game of baseball on display. Being live first in the Bleacher Report app also separated Mookie from a traditional podcast model. On Base took our video-centric strategy and authenticity to an entirely new level.


Bleacher Report’s vision for On Base with Mookie Betts was to create a unique space for baseball fans to feel like they are sitting in on an honest conversation between major league stars not traditionally known for giving longform interviews. This show allows viewers to hear a perspective that only their favorite players can give on topics ranging from how they stay at the top of their game to what they were thinking during the biggest moments of their career. Mookie’s passion for growing the game was evident, welcoming on the sport’s biggest names, while also shining a light on some of the rising stars of the league.


Strategy & Execution

The On Base crew traveled to baseball cities across the country with a three-camera compliment to live stream Mookie’s sit-down with players in the Bleacher Report App. The interviews would often take place before the two players were scheduled to face off that evening. On Base with Mookie Betts is one of the only athlete-led podcasts that features guests in every episode, an opportunity we used to combine Mookie’s passion to grow the game and give fans access to their favorite players. To help us achieve this authenticity, the B/R App gave fans the ability to comment and ask questions to the stars in real time. The modern sports fan engages with games like ‘Immaculate Grid,’ and Mookie gave viewers the opportunity to play along with them.


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