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Optimizing Social Media for Action Sport Events


The 6th Annual Awards

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MXGP and Videocites partnered together to drive unprecedented growth through net-new creator collaborations and optimizations to their channel and content mix to drive growth and performance at a tentpole moment within their activation calendar. This collaboration and unique use of data is noteworthy as it can be replicated at scale across any action sports brand and property in the world - making this submission worthy of consideration for recognition. Videocites is a technology company with a revolutionary and transparent video-AI fingerprinting technology that automatically enables tracking of all videos around every event, giving rightsholders a complete picture of their content’s reach and impact across all social media platforms. Solving a longstanding industry blindspot - accessing content that lives outside your own network - Videocites breakthrough technology protects your IP while unlocking previously inaccessible insights across social media to power your rightsholder’s Sponsorship, Marketing, Digital Strategy and Ticketing businesses.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

This initiative and body of work showcases a pioneering approach to propelling growth through imaginative partnerships with influencers and superfans, along with strategic enhancements to a brand's owned channels and content mix. The availability of data and insights, once underutilized due to accessibility constraints, now takes center stage with the accessibility provided by Videocites’ technology, empowering all rightsholders and brands producing content on social media. This use of the technology is poised to redefine the standards for fan engagement, inspiring the industry by encouraging brands to take action on their data to accelerate audience, engagement, and revenue growth through social media.


The objective of this collaboration and body of work was to assess and identify the most effective combination of social media channels and content strategies to enhance engagement with MXGP’s target audiences. To achieve this, the deployment of Videocites’ recognized video-AI technology was essential for tracking MXGP’s current content across all owned, affiliate, and organic channels—a capability unique to Videocites’ technology. In utilizing this technology, MXGP would then be equipped with the necessary data and insights to strategically position and optimize their brand on social, focusing on increased returns through adjustments in channel mix, shifts in content types and platforms, and strategic collaborations with authentic creators and super-fans to foster rapid growth in brand awareness, especially during key events. More details on this are provided below.

Strategy & Execution

In pursuit of enhancing the fan experience, our primary focus in this undertaking was to comprehensively evaluate the performance of MXGP’s social media content. Our aim was to identify areas of improvement and opportunities for amplifying engagement with existing fans, as well as attracting new audiences of fans and creators to foster future growth. To achieve this, we implemented the following strategies: Systematically track, measure, and analyze various content types to pinpoint those yielding the highest views, ensuring a deeper engagement with the audience. Methodically track, measure, and analyze owned content to pinpoint multicultural creators suitable for strategic partnerships during significant brand moments. From this effort, three key insights emerged: , and subsequent actions were taken: While imagery was being created, it was not performing efficiently X (Twitter) was inefficient in driving reach and engagement, despite Significant investment UGC content creators were unknown & uninvolved, impeding growth


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Eyal Arad

Jeremy Ohana
CS Manager

Marionna Leiva
Marketing Director
MXGP Infront Moto Racing

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