OTX is the Future of Boxing | 6th Hashtag Sports Awards

OTX is the Future of Boxing


The 6th Annual Awards

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OTX is boxing, the Overtime way. Built for the next generation of boxers and boxing fans, we deliver future world champions a platform unlike any other available to them, and provide our massive digital community unparalleled access, bringing them closer to the sport.

For boxers, there is no clear path for a pro to climb the ranks which makes it extremely difficult to break through. A select few receive name recognition from the Olympics, but for most, it's a grind to find matches and exposure.

We have a proven playbook on building fanhood and we're leaning into what we see as an opportunity to change the sport. This next generation of boxers hits differently, but they don’t have a platform to tell their stories. What Overtime does is find boxers at the grassroots level and build up their profile to help them along their professional path.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

OTX sets a new benchmark in fan engagement by seamlessly integrating boxing with social media, creating a dynamic, interactive fan experience. Our innovative approach to content, community building, and event presentation represents excellence in engagement, offering a blueprint for the future of sports entertainment. This work not only elevates the standard for fan interaction but also inspires the industry to innovate, ensuring sports remain relevant and engaging in a rapidly changing digital landscape.


At the outset, OTX aimed to revolutionize boxing for the digital age. Overtime has an unparalleled understanding of Gen Z sports fans, positioning us uniquely to grasp their digital habits and preferences. Our mission was to use this insight to reimagine boxing in a way that engages and excites a younger audience. By combining Overtime’s proven track record with innovative digital storytelling and real-time engagement strategies, we aimed not just to draw in a new wave of fans but to transform how they interact with boxing. We used social media to foster a sense of community around the sport, making it more accessible and engaging for everyone involved.

Strategy & Execution

Designed with the modern sports fan at heart, OTX leveraged a multi-platform digital strategy to redefine boxing engagement. In year two, our partnership with DAZN will include live streams of the fights not just on DAZN, but across Overtime’s social platforms as well. We innovated with smaller rings for more action-packed bouts and introduced financial incentives like KO bonuses and “Money Rounds'' to encourage thrilling performances. Social media was central to our execution, with real-time updates, behind-the-scenes content, and interactive fan engagements. Our content strategy focused on personal stories of boxers, delivered through short videos and interviews, creating a personal connection between fans and athletes.


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Gabe Khalife
Head of OTX Social Media

Tanner Gazzillo
Social Video Editor

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