Prototype: The Legacy of Rondé Barber | 6th Hashtag Sports Awards

Prototype: The Legacy of Rondé Barber

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The 6th Annual Awards

Nominee ✨
  • Best Documentary: Long-Form
  • Best Life or Legacy Tribute


A documentary that highlight the legacy of Hall of Famer Ronde Barber and his pivotal role in Buccaneers history that brings fans together in person and online. The documentary premiered in person at the Tampa Theater and then later online on YouTube.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

This documentary set benchmarks in team digital engagement on YouTube. To truly engage the fans viewers in a way that leads to a 24-minute average view duration is an accomplishment that highlights there continues to be a demand for long form content in an ever-evolving short form world. Combining the documentary with a premier event also sets the standard in engagement both in person and online.


The creation of this work was derived from the unique opportunity of a legacy Buccaneer, Ronde Barber, entering the Hall of Fame. The objectives included: 1) Driving viewership. Produce one of our most viewed YouTube programs this year. 2) Provide unique in-person access. Sell out the Tampa Theater for the premier event and provide fans with a memorable in person experience. And 3) Build brand moments for us and our partners. Amplify Hertz alongside the premier to authentically integrate in big brand positive moments.

Strategy & Execution

This was designed to highlight the legacy of our brand in a modern era. To tell the story of a character in our history that has achieved the ultimate football accomplishment and produce content that would resonate both online and through an in-person viewing at Tampa Theater. It was created first with YouTube in mind and then also distribution extensions on additional platforms like X, Facebook, Instagram and NFL+.


  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers


  • Ronde Barber
  • Tiki Barber
  • Derrick Brooks
  • John Lynch
  • Warren Sapp
  • Lavonte David
  • Gerald McCoy
  • Tony Dungy
  • Herm Edwards
  • Percy Ellsworth
  • Monte Kiffin
  • Art Markos
  • Raheem Morris
  • Kenny Albert
  • Scott Smith
  • Mike Tomlin


Stephen Lynch
Director, Production
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ronde Barber
Hall of Fame Cornerback
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Claudia Barber

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