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  • Best Brand Experience or Activation
  • Best New Fan Experience


The Purina Club is the first-ever permanent pet-friendly seating section in Major League Soccer—built to dismantle the boundaries between two of our most treasured passions: pets and sports.

Through combined earned and paid media efforts, the Purina Club generated over 28 million impressions and 40+ media stories across the globe. From influencer partnerships with the biggest pets on social media to being recognized as the 2023 MLS Corporate Sponsorship Activation of the Year.

Tickets for the full season sold out upon the initial launch, with positive reception for those who’ve experienced it resulting in dozens of other professional sports organizations engaging Purina to see how they can introduce their own Purina Clubs in the near future.

  • Social Organic Impressions: 1,159,920
  • Social Engagements: 87,580
  • 28,000,000+ Impressions
  • 40+ Media Stories
  • 11 matches sold out immediately after April launch in 2023
  • Immediate sellout of CITY2 matches, Bronze Boot and Leagues Cup matches
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    How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

    The Purina Club sets a new benchmark in fan engagement by pioneering pet inclusivity in the sports industry. Its innovative approach not only enhances the matchday experience for pet owners but also inspires other professional sports organizations to explore similar initiatives. By seamlessly integrating pets into the fan experience, the Purina Club exemplifies excellence in engagement, showcasing the power of creativity and inclusivity in moving the industry forward towards a more pet-friendly future.


    The objective of the Purina Club campaign was to pioneer a pet-friendly revolution in sports, aiming to create a unique and inclusive experience for both pet owners and sports fans. By introducing the first permanent pet-friendly seating section in Major League Soccer (MLS), the campaign sought to break barriers between two beloved passions: pets and sports, while promoting Purina's mission of strengthening the bond between pets and their owners.

    Strategy & Execution

    The Purina Club was meticulously designed and implemented with the modern sports fan in mind, focusing on creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for both humans and their furry companions. Through collaboration with pet experts, stadium architects, and matchday facilitators, every aspect of the Purina Club was thoughtfully crafted. From its prime location with optimal views of the pitch to amenities like water bowls, toys, and a designated relief area for pets, the club was tailored to cater to the unique needs of pet owners attending live matches.


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James Robinson
Chief Creative Officer
Momentum Worldwide

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