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Road to TrackTown

TrackTown USA

The 6th Annual Awards

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  • Best Original Film or Series: Long-Form


"Road to TrackTown" chronicled the journey of four of the United States' best track & field athletes' journeys to the 2023 USATF Outdoor Track & Field Championships. The serialized approach to providing an in-depth look to track & field atheltes' lives both on and off the track had never been done in the digital age of the sport.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Effectively showing the demand for this style of exclusive and personality-based serialized content in track & field, the blueprint from “Road to TrackTown” has already been adopted by other organizations in the sport. We have also received inquiries from fans across all channels asking when the second season will come out and who the featured athletes will be. Our hope is that this series inspires track & field brands and teams to invest in storytelling around their athletes.


Although track & field is one of the most participated in sports in the United States, it is still remarkably underfunded and considered “niche” in terms of fandom. Track & field lacks investment in marketing and storytelling leaving athlete’s stories untold. “Road to TrackTown” was the first recurring episodic series in track & field that provided an in-depth look at the athletes beyond competition results. By documenting four professional athletes’ journey to the USATF Outdoor Championships, both on the track and off, the series shows the potential for more in-depth storytelling of our sport and its athletes. Our objectives were to effectively elevate the appetite for this style of content through performance metrics and feedback, and reveal the potential it has to increase reach and engagement around our sport.

Strategy & Execution

As a digital-first series, “Road to TrackTown” met the modern sports fan where they’re at: social media. We intentionally did not release the series behind a paywall or in partnership with a linear network or streaming service so we could create the lowest barrier to entry for the sports fan to connect with the sport and athletes. We made both the full episodes and teasers available to the athletes to publish directly to their channels as well, leveraging their existing audiences. Additionally, sports fans seek exclusive content and stories that provide an inside look at their favorite athletes’ personalities. By fostering a connection with these four athletes for months, we achieved both of those desires and develop a personal connection between the athletes and fans.


  • TrackTown USA


  • Ryan Crouser
  • Tara Davis-Woodhall
  • Anna Hall
  • Allie Wilson


Annika Boos
Sr. Video Producer / Editor
TrackTown USA

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Chief Content Officer
TrackTown USA

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Freelance Videographer / Editor
Kinetic Creative Labs

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Freelance Videographer / Editor
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Creative Director
University of Oregon Track & Field

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Social Media Editor
World Athletics

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Freelance Videographer / Editor

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