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Six Trophies with Jason Concepcion and Shea Serrano


The 6th Annual Awards

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The weekly podcast series "Six Trophies" stars award-winning sports writers, cultural tastemakers and friends who share a love for basketball, Shea Serrano and Jason Concepcion, who talk and tackle the many narratives and happenings throughout the NBA by handing out six pop culture-themed trophies to six basketball-related activities.

Every week, the duo dishes out awards like “The Step Brothers Catalina Wine Mixer” trophy for the matchup they’re most excited about, or “The Liam Neeson ‘I Have a Very Particular Set of Skills’” trophy given to an aging player who proves they still got it. Audiences can expect a wickedly funny listen while staying up to date with the NBA and culture-making moments of the game.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Shea and Jason wanted to leverage the authenticity that the podcast medium facilitates to create a fun show for basketball fans. Not stats heavy and based on debate, but something that celebrates fandom of the game and the surrounding culture.

With a continued focus on fandom and celebration, Shea and Jason’s unique appeal engages their loyal fanbase and the crossover listener alike, growing positive perception among new and existing sports podcast consumers.

Shea and Jason continue to cultivate a versatile community around Six Trophies, with special event episodes like the “Basketball Oscars,” tying together cultural moments of the All-Star Break and the Oscars to celebrate the best moments of the season up until that point and upcoming live recordings to engage the podcast fans out of the NBA Playoffs.


As co-host Shea Serrano put it, “I just want people to laugh, have a good time, and forget how shitty the world is for 45-minutes every Wednesday.”

Serrano is joined by Jason Concepcion to talk the latest week in the NBA and pop culture to award six trophies to players, games, and culture-making moments. Serrano and Concepcion are not only friends who share a love for basketball, but also writers, tastemakers and media creatives.

“One of the benefits of working with Jason,” says Serrano, “is that I always feel confident that he’s going to do something incredible. Every episode is going to be good and funny and smart because he’s on it.” To put it in basketball terms, “it’s how I imagine it felt walking out onto the court with Tim Duncan. You always knew you had a genuine shot to win because that guy was on your team.”

Collectively, the duo hopes listeners walk away wanting to share an idea or joke from the show that ends up getting a big laugh from friends.

Strategy & Execution

With enough talking heads and pundits in the sports media, we set out to make a show with Shea and Jason that indulges in NBA fandom in a fun way while striving to contribute to basketball culture. We meet the modern sports fan where they are with video podcasts available across YouTube, Prime Video and anywhere podcasts are available.

At the podcast’s launch timed to the 23-24 NBA season tip-off, continued placements across owned and paid media channels garnered over 13MM total impressions, including Amazon and Wondery platform support and an OOH digital billboard in Times Square. Across the Wondery network, listeners were directed to Six Trophies with a comprehensive promo presence among Wondery’s sports podcasts and biggest entertainment and business shows, including Smartless, The Old Man & The Three, The Dunker Spot, Men in Blazers and Business Wars.

To reach even more fans, Shea and Jason collaborate with fan-favorite basketball podcasts from ESPN to Yahoo! Sports to DraftKings, contributing with their joyful takes and “little trophies” tying back to the show.


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