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Super Bowl LVIII Across TelevisaUnivision


The 6th Annual Awards

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Super Bowl 58 will forever be the moment that Hispanics were at the center of a major NFL broadcast, showing up in masses to watch the game in Spanish -- across TelevisaUnivision's broadcast network, Univision and streaming service, ViX -- that was built for them through coverage, commentary and advertising. With an unwavering mission to drive viewership and revenue around the big game, the TelevisaUnivision communications team delivered a consistent and tactiful strategy to ensure robust visbility that would drive viewership and revenue milestones, including garnering press coverage from national consumer and trade media - both English and Spanish outlets - that helped drive historic results for the company in what would ultimately be marked as the most-watched Super Bowl on any Spanish-language network in history.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

In addition to breaking streaming and audience consumption records on our streaming platform ViX, the milestones reached demonstrated the power of creating a game that is built for your audience in a way that they can connect with, and using intentional press moments to build on that momentum – across coverage and also teasing some of the commercials. A majority of Sunday’s Super Bowl audience on Univision was incremental and new to the NFL. Nearly 70% of viewers had not watched any previous NFL Playoff games – extending the reach to a new audience. This should motivate people to embrace the U.S. Hispanic audience as the new mainstream, and keep them and key sports moments in mind when looking to reach new audiences and push positive narratives forward.


We set clear goals, driven by the objective of providing maximum to visibility to our first-ever Super Bowl broadcast in the U.S.. We set out to secure a mix of earned media opportunities across trade and consumer that would paint a robust picture of our coverage—from stories about our commentators and game coverage, to key quotes around how we’re presenting this game IN CULTURE to our audience, and elevating the brands that recognized the power of reaching the Hispanic consumer in Spanish by leaning in with in-language, in-culture creative.

TelevisaUnivision created a steady drumbeat of press, which started with the initial announcement at Upfront 2023, and capitalized on every moment to showcase our commitment to engaging and educating our audience on a sport that’s growing in popularity among Latinos.

Overall, we aimed to aimed highlight the power of the Hispanic consumer, our expertise in serving this massive audience with the content they love, tout the advertisers who deemed our audience a priority through intentional spots, and utilize the voices of our leadership to speak to the importance and relevance of this event, and the cultural moment it signified.

Strategy & Execution

TelevisaUnivision is the expert in reaching Hispanic America, and one of their passion points is fútbol. However, affinity has grown around football, giving us an opportunity to find unique ways to educate and inform the viewers. We kicked off announcing the news at our Upfront in May with former NFL player Victor Cruz surprising the audience with the announcement while holding the famed Lombardi trophy; this was a high visibility moment that garnered press and signaled to advertisers the imperative for reaching Hispanic consumers in Spanish for the big game.

In the lead up to Super Bowl, we placed stories in USA Today, Adweek, Los Angeles Times, Variety and others, to stress the importance and relevance of reaching fans through their own lived experiences—and touting the coverage and commentators to build further connections. The campaign built on not just the HOW but the WHY

The production components—particularly around producing the game in two countries—were outlined to show the breadth and depth of the coverage. Beyond that, we aimed to show the significance and ‘all-in’ nature of how we were approaching a first-time property in the U.S. to build excitement, and ultimately drive tune-in.


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Anna Negron
Director, Corporate Communications

Melissa Agudelo
Director, Sports Communications

Alyssa Bernstein
SVP, Corporate Communications

Jennifer Rogers
EVP, Consumer and Corporate Marketing

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