Table Talk: Cam Bynum & Family Discuss Their Filipino Culture | 6th Hashtag Sports Awards

Table Talk: Cam Bynum & Family Discuss Their Filipino Culture

Minnesota Vikings

The 6th Annual Awards

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  • Excellence in Multicultural Storytelling



Table Talk is a long-form video that explores the different cultures and experiences of our players. In this episode featuring Camryn Bynum and his family, they highlight important aspects of their Filipino culture and how they are using Cam’s NFL platform to make an impact on their home country on the other side of the globe.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

This project was made for everyone: Filipino or not, Vikings fan or not. It is engaging because everyone can relate to sharing a meal and reminiscing on experiences with family, but this content is a unique experience for viewers because of the educational aspect for those who may not be familiar with what Filipinos value. The number of engagements with the full video and short clips posted proved that this project was successful in reaching a broad demographic of people. Our goal was to use our platform as an NFL team to represent the underrepresented culture of the Philippines through one of the great role models on our team. Cam’s personality, pride in his culture, and relationship with his family made the perfect storm for a this project to engage with anyone who watched.


The objective of the project was to celebrate the underrepresented Filipino culture and educate viewers on what makes Filipino culture unique. We wanted to use our platform to support Cam and his efforts in the Philippines as well as give in-depth representation to the Filipino community.

Strategy & Execution

Process: Identify a player with a unique background that would be willing to share his story. Communicate with family and schedule a time to shoot. Once they’re on board, come up with questions that will help tell their story and highlight their culture. We try to keep editing to a minimum so that viewers can recognize the authenticity of a conversation about culture with family. We will take short, informative or funny clips from the long-form episode to promote it on social media.


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Producer, Lifestyle Content
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Will Sheedy
Seasonal Producer
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Alex Wehrli
Social Content Producer
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Manager, Digital Marketing & Media
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