Tennis Unhinged on US Open TikTok | 6th Hashtag Sports Awards

Tennis Unhinged on US Open TikTok


The 6th Annual Awards

Nominee ✨
  • Best TikTok Presence

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How do you grow a niche sport, or better yet - grow an affinty for a brand of a niche sport? You meet users where they are on a daily basis, and match the kinds of content they are used to consuming. The US Open TikTok is tennis cut loose, relating our brand and moments from our tournament to users through trends.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Our strategy achieving the success it did in 2023 shows that brands can be "looser" and "have more fun" on a platform like TikTok - and achieve business metrics while you do it. Authenticity and relatability will gain engagement & video view metrics, grow your audience and then ultimately lead to partner/sponsor opportunities.


The US Open TikTok account has the sole purpose of entertaining. We entertain our core tennis fanbase, but also draw new audiences into the sport with trending content. We want users to be stunned that this content was posted by a brand, it should feel as though it was created by your friend who's obsessed with tennis.

Strategy & Execution

Sports fans on TikTok are looking for entertaining content first and foremost. We're bringing on and off court moments to life on that platform, but produced in a very specific way to be engaging to our TikTok audience. When TikTok users who look for sports content were polled the top 2 kinds of content they said they were looking for on the platform are #1 funny or entertaining content and #2 top plays/highlights. Everything we post on TikTok is successful because we keep it true to the platform with how we produce it, what may traditionally be posted on our other channels needs to be relooked at through a specific TikTok lens so it resonates with that audience.


  • USTA


Alyssa Simonin
Manager, Social Media

Reshina Warren
Director, Social Media Strategy & Analytics

Andrew Robinson
Sr. Social Media Producer

Paige Sterner
Social Media Producer

Alex Venero
Social Media Coordinator

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