The Angel City Effect | 6th Hashtag Sports Awards

The Angel City Effect

Angel City FC, DoorDash, Sprouts

The 6th Annual Awards

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  • Best Engagement for Good



Angel City FC distinguishes itself as a prime candidate for the Hashtag Sports Awards for Best Engagement for Good, not only through its innovative approach to community engagement and social impact but also by its remarkable financial commitment to these causes. With an impressive $70 million USD in sponsorship revenue, Angel City sets a precedent in the sports industry by reallocating 10% of every sponsorship deal directly back into the community- resulting in a $7 million commitment to date. This particular entry will focus on our front and back of kit sponsors DoorDash and Sprouts Farmers Markets.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The collaborations between Angel City FC (ACFC), DoorDash, and Sprouts Farmers Market redefine fan engagement by intertwining it with social responsibility, setting a new benchmark in the sports industry. This innovative approach transforms fans from mere supporters into active participants in the club's community initiatives, deepening their connection to the club through meaningful social impact. By leveraging partnerships with DoorDash and Sprouts to address food insecurity and educate children and a challenged local population on healthy eating and gardening, ACFC not only meets immediate community needs but also invests in long-term well-being, showcasing the power of sports organizations to create shared value beyond the game. This model inspires the industry to think creatively about using sports marketing and fan engagement to serve broader social goals, encouraging other clubs to mobilize their fan bases towards positive societal change. ACFC's success demonstrates the potential for sports organizations to act as potent forces for good, leveraging the passion for sports to drive impactful community initiatives. This approach signals a shift towards more holistic and socially responsible sports marketing strategies, setting a precedent for how clubs and their partners can collaborate to achieve significant, sustainable outcomes for their communities.


The collaboration between ACFC and DoorDash was born out of a shared vision to tackle food insecurity and support local businesses. ACFC identified those in need (shelters, LTBTQ, homeless, elderly, immobile), found the food, found companies to pack up the food. Then DoorDash mobilized their network of “Dashers” to deliver the meals. TO DATE: We have delivered over 1.5 million meals to those in need across LA! The primary goal of our partnership was to address the pressing issue of food insecurity by ensuring that vulnerable communities have access to healthy, nutritious food. In a similar vein, and to again ensure our local community had not just access to healthy food but also how to prepare and grow it, we activated with our back-of-kit sponsor Sprouts Farmers Markets to clear and plant gardens at schools across LA. In addition, we funded weekly education programs for students (many of whom are on welfare and eat mostly processed or fast food) to learn how to prepare their own food with fresh produce. This program has been a game changer for thousands of kids in South Central LA that has lead to not just healthier bodies, but healthier mental health.

Strategy & Execution

The impact of our programs has been profound and enduring, reaching far beyond our initial expectations. Remarkably, a significant number of our fans were initially drawn to Angel City not because of soccer, but because they or their families directly benefited from our initiatives, such as meal donations, local gardens, and ongoing nutrition education. These individuals have become dedicated supporters, attending games and engaging with the club, driven by gratitude and a sense of community rather than a pre-existing passion for the sport. This level of engagement is particularly striking in a city like Los Angeles, where the competition for attention is fierce, and it underscores the unique position of Angel City. From the outset, our mission has been to make a tangible difference in people's lives, a commitment that has remained steadfast. The unexpected transformation of beneficiaries into fans highlights the power of sports organizations to foster deep, meaningful connections with their communities, challenging conventional expectations of the impact a women’s professional soccer team can achieve, especially in a saturated market.


  • Angel City FC
  • DoorDash
  • Sprouts
  • All People's Community Center
  • LGBTQ Center West Hollywood
  • 24th Street School


Julie Uhrman
Co-founder and President
Angel City Football Club

Catherine Dávila
Head of Community
Angel City Football Club

Chris Fajardo
Senior Director, Community Impact
Angel City Football Club

Courtney Ksiazak
Senior Director, Partnership Marketing
Angel City Football Club

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