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The Business Case For Women's Sports


The 6th Annual Awards

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Launched in 2020 by GOALS, "The Business Case for Women's Sports" podcast, presented by Ally Financial, is the leading podcast that exclusively covers the business side of women's sports. We interview leaders in women's sports and dig into topics like data insights, marketing strategies, and sponsorship deals, so we can share the stories behind the biggest breakthroughs in the industry, and show networks, brands and people that there is incredible economic and social value associated with investing in women's sports.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

We have helped the sports industry understand that women's sports means business. This podcast has helped show that women's sports is not a "charity." Women’s sports is a business, and just like any business, if women’s sports receive proper investment, they will grow. And based on how much they’ve grown without out proper investment, we know they’ll grow fast if handled like the high growth opportunities that they are. Our show has armed industry leaders, champions and stakeholders with the data, facts, case studies, and thought leadership they need to grow the game for women athletes.


With this podcast, we are doing something that hasn't been done before. For too long, men's sports has received the lion's share of sports media coverage, with women’s sports receiving just a tiny piece of the pie. In the podcasting space, there are dozens of shows that are focused on the business side of men's sports, but there are just a handful of shows that even mention what's happening on the business side of women’s sports. Our podcast lives at the intersection of business and activism; we believe good business practices are the key to growing women's sports and creating more gender equity in sports. Our goal is to show listeners that with women's sports, what is right lives alongside what is profitable, so it's a win-win to invest.

Strategy & Execution

We create our content for the hyper-engaged women's sports fan & industry professionals. We believe that to grow the women's sports industry, fans & sports industry professionals need to understand the incredible opportunities and business results that are possible with investment in women's sports. Every episode of our podcast aims to make the ‘business case for women’s sports’ and gives women's sports' greatest stakeholders the data, insights, case studies, and information they need to grow the game.


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Founder & Podcast Host

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