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The Famous Group - Vixi Live

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The 6th Annual Awards

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Originally created during the pandemic to bring fans from home into the venue through their mobile device, Vixi Live is an adaptation that allows in-venue fans to bring fans to the display boards. Using a QR code, fans can immediately be projected onto video boards at venues after being selected by the producer through a robust moderation system.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Vixi Live reflects the overall state of the consumer marketplace and represented a shift in the desires of fandom. The era of self-service entertainment is here and products like Vixi Live give the individual the power of the technology in their own hands. Every time a fan interacts with products or activations delivered by The Famous Group, they are getting a one-of-a-kind experience that they won’t forget. The barrier entry for both team partners and fans itself is low. Fans simply need to scan a QR code while partners can implement the technology for every home game with ease. TFG’s numerous partners have also used Vixi Live as an effective new sponsorship inventory for its sales teams. Vixi Live enables team, league, and brand sponsors to implement the technology in subtle, yet creative and effective ways, thus creating new revenue streams. Since its creation Vixi Live has been used by brands and entertainment operators to enthrall their fans at their marquee events.


The overall goal of Vixi Live platform is to allow teams, leagues and organizations a new way to capture and engage attendees at their live events. In nearly two years since the platform’s creation, hundreds of teams, brands, organizations and leagues have turned to the platform to captivate their fans each night. Live events can no longer just be described as what is being witnessed on the field of play, but also what goes on from the minute the fan walks into the venue to when they leave hours later. TFG works with each of its clients to create first-of-its-kind campaigns that both drive awareness for their events and leave the fans with an experience they cannot forget.

Strategy & Execution

The in-venue experience for sports fans is becoming more and more interactive. Vixi Live allows fans to not only be a part of the story that’s told, but allows them to participate directly from their cell phones to the display boards. In an age where the mobile phone can be a distraction, the Vixi Suite allows for it to – instead – be an asset to the game’s entertainment. Moreover, today’s fan love taking selfies. They love seeing themselves on the display boards and they love to have fun in the venue. Vixi Live enables team, league, and brand sponsors to implement the technology in subtle, yet creative and effective ways, thus creating new revenue streams. In addition, Vixi Live is easy to use for individual event operators and can be adjusted at each venue on a daily basis to adjust for the needs of each game.


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Matthew Marcus
EVP, Proprietary Technologies
The Famous Group

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