The Profile - Franke Luvu | 6th Hashtag Sports Awards

The Profile - Franke Luvu

Team IFA

The 6th Annual Awards

Nominee ✨
  • Best Documentary: Short-Form


In this video series, fans will get a closer look into the player that is Frankie Luvu. This project is designed to tell the story of the player off the field.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

This work will move the athlete representation space forward because this will start to be an industry expectation from a professional athlete/agency relationship. All professional athletes need to think about themselves as a media channel in today’s world. The fact that we are investing in one-on-one personalized content pieces that are being executed at a high level of quality will only set the standard as the new normal. We just happen to be doing it first compared to our competition.


At IFA, one of our core differentiators in the athlete representation space is our ability to establish an athletes individual brand. Our “The Profile” content series is a way to maximize our in person visits with our athletes by filming them over a game weekend. Not only do we strengthen the relationship we have with our clients, but we leave the trip with a very intimate, humanistic study on our player and his brand, both on and off the field.

Strategy & Execution

Athletes are naturally influencers in the digital age and fans crave access to content that tells a broader story on who they are as people. The benefit we have as an agency that represents them is we don’t have a hidden agenda from a storytelling standpoint. Our interest align with their interest, which makes the environment we are capturing content in more relaxed and authentic. We bring our players in as a “Producer” in the production of the work. The result is a side of our athlete that fans can’t get anywhere else, not even from the team that they play for.


  • Team IFA


Song Johansen
Director of Creative Production
Team IFA

Felicia Johnson
Managing Director, Brand Marketing
Team IFA

Kevin Hughes
EVP - Brand Strategy & Creative
Team IFA

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