The Story of AFCON Unwrapped | 6th Hashtag Sports Awards

The Story of AFCON Unwrapped: Short Stories, Big Impact

ARQAM, Confederation of African Football (CAF)

The 6th Annual Awards

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  • Best Short-Form Video



Story of AFCON, the final promo for the TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations 2023 (AFCON 23), served as a testament to the rich narratives that Africa holds. An invitation to our global audience to embrace and celebrate the stories embedded within the heart of the continent's football legacy. Crafted by Kieran Kenlock, the promo’s script is a spoken word that captures the clinching moments of AFCON23. From the electrifying football highlights to the subtle, yet profound, moments of the tournament. Through concise storytelling, Story of AFCON emerged as a testament to the power of brevity, capturing the spirit, passion, and drama of one of football's premier events in a way that resonated deeply with audiences.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Story of AFCON redefines fan engagement benchmarks by pushing emotionally charged narrative storytelling and breaking away from conventional pieces such as interviews and documentaries. The key metric of this promo was emotional resonance, a newer approach in digital fan engagement. The promo’s success inspires a shift toward diversifying content strategies, emphasizing fan-centric storytelling, and expanding creative horizons within the industry. Story of AFCON placed emotional connection and resonance at the forefront, which worked incredibly in a continent full of emotionally charged narratives, both on and off the pitch.


Our goal was to create an emotional ode to AFCON, Africa and football, while telling the story of the biggest moments in this year’s edition as we reach the pinnacle of the competition. Our objectives encompassed: **Enticing** all kinds of emotions within our viewer during the promo as a reminder of how impeccable AFCON is **Crafting** a heartfelt celebration of the passion and pride within African football **Creating** an emotional homage to the spirit of AFCON and the emotions it embeds within its audience Resonating with our audience of football fans through an emotional and stirring narrative

Strategy & Execution

Created with modern sport fan at its core, Story of AFCON recognizes the evolving preferences and expectations of today's digital audience. In just under two minutes, Story of AFCON takes the viewers through all the emotions to keep them engaged and alert throughout the video. **Brevity and Impact**: the short-form nature of the promo acknowledged the modern attention span, delivering impactful narratives concisely. Each story unfolded in bite-sized portions, ensuring engagement without overwhelming the viewer. **Emotional Storytelling**: the script itself relied on emotive and sensory language to connect and resonate with the audience of the tournament **Inclusive Storytelling:** Acknowledging the diverse demographics of modern sports fans, the storytelling was inclusive, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries.


  • Confederation of African Football


Ahmed Adel
Project Manager

Islam Sanad
Content Lead

Loay Hesham
City Coordinator

Mohamed Abdelnaby

Bassem Emad
Head of Operations

Kieran Kenlock

Shereef El Gemizy
Video Editor

Mostafa Khaled
Video Editor

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