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The Players’ Tribune “Sometimes I Hoop” Podcast

The Players' Tribune

The 6th Annual Awards

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“Sometimes I Hoop” (SIH) features WNBA, player Haley Jones, who has taken the show from her college days as a star player for Stanford to her time in the W. On SIH, Jones gives listeners the inside look at the women who are changing the face of basketball, both at the collegiate and professional level.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Female athletes, especially female collegiate athletes, have long been underrepresented, undervalued and underappreciated within the sports space. From a lack of media coverage to a lack of revenue opportunities following the new NIL rules, female collegiate athletes have too often been the last on the list.

“Sometimes I Hoop” has changed that perception, not only connecting with pre-existing fans of women’s collegiate basketball, but also creating a community of new fans through its innovative and creative content offering. By pairing Haley Jones with the most dynamic players in collegiate basketball and introducing real time episodes, fans have been able to get up close and personal with NCAA Women’s basketball. When they tune into an episode of “Sometimes I Hoop” they are given a glimpse into the lives of these athletes both on and off the court, getting to hear their real time opinions, analysis, experiences, thoughts and feelings as they follow along with the season. No other podcast has been able to truly capture the essence of women’s college sports like “Sometimes I Hoop” and that is proven not only in the numbers of views, but in the passion behind its ever growing audience.


The Players’ Tribune was founded with one mission: empower athletes to tell their stories in their own way. For the past decade, the brand has stayed true to this ethos, becoming the number one destination for athletes to share their stories. What started out as a mostly editorial platform has flourished into a multimedia powerhouse with written, audio, video, social-first content, documentaries, experiential and print. Built on the trust of the athlete community, The Players’ Tribune has remained at the forefront of athlete-first storytelling.

It makes sense then that the brand would leverage its position in the market to better serve underrepresented sides of the athlete spectrum—specifically collegiate female athletes. With the goal of amplifying the stories of female collegiate athletes, the brand’s first female-led podcast, “Sometimes I Hoop” was born.

“Sometimes I Hoop” features current WNBA youngster, Haley Jones, who has taken her dedicated viewership along with her from college to the pros, chatting it up with collegiate and professional women’s basketball legends, providing a platform for these talented women who are changing the face of the game.

Strategy & Execution

Modern sports fans have no shortage of content to choose from, making it increasingly difficult for new offerings to break through the noise. However, “Sometimes I Hoop” strategically offers fans something they haven’t had before—an authentic, raw, inside look into women’s collegiate sports. This new perspective coupled with top tier special guests—including Aliyah Boston, Jordan Horston, Flau’jae Johnson, Caitlin Clark, Hailey Van Lith, Deja Kelly and more—and new episodes timed with the current NCAA season—created the perfect storm for “Sometimes I Hoop” to reach new and established sports fans.

In addition to its unique content offering, “Sometimes I Hoop” is able to meet fans where they already are through a diverse distribution strategy. Full episodes of the podcast live organically on The Players’ Tribune site in both audio and video format and are distributed across its YouTube channel as well as all major podcast channels. Episodes are also broken down into dynamic ‘social bites’ that are shared across The Players’ Tribune’s social channels including their basketball specific social profile, Hoops Tribune—reaching over 550K+ followers. The show has had global sponsors such as State Farm and Wendy’s in its short existence.


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  • Aliyah Boston
  • Jordan Horston
  • Flau’jae Johnson
  • Caitlin Clark
  • Hailey Van Lith
  • Deja Kelly
  • Cameron Brink
  • Fran Belibi
  • Maddy Siegrist
  • Charisma Osborne
  • Napheesa Collier
  • Aneesah Morrow
  • Natasha Howard
  • Rhyne Howard
  • Jordin Canada
  • Cheyenne Parker
  • Satou Sabally
  • Natasha Cloud
  • Mia and Mya Pauldo
  • Lauren Betts
  • Jaylyn Sherrod
  • Aaliyah Edwards
  • Georgia Amoore


Haley Jones
"Sometimes I Hoop" Host
The Players' Tribune

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