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The 6th Annual Awards

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  • Best OTT CTV or Streaming Experience


Transmit is an end-to-end AI powered monetization solution for the world’s most valuable streamed content, empowering media operators – streaming platforms, networks, publishers, OEMs, IP & rights owners – to create new in-stream inventory, fill ad breaks, and produce effective ad pods. Transmit’s holistic technology-driven solutions benefit publishers, advertisers and viewers.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Transmit has helped global media operators overcome audience retention and revenue growth challenges while utilizing its platform solutions to ensure optimal viewer experience, industry compatible measurement and high impact brand experience. Transmit exceeds monetization goals while enhancing the viewer experience for leading sports rights holders.

Transmit’s technology additionally allows its clients to find effective ways to turn traditional methods of advertising into entertainment. By eschewing antiquated forms of advertising, i.e) linear commercial breaks, Transmit’s platform can additionally capitalize on specific moments during the broadcast of a live event e.g) home run during a Yankees game, highlight-reel dunk on a Nets broadcast, etc.

Transmit’s technology also creates incremental ad inventory on each broadcast, using its platform to turn a traditional 80 linear slots into over 140 opportunities for advertisers. As global sports media rights continue to proliferate YoY, operators are faced with a seismic task of finding effective ways to recoup the overall costs. Transmit presents a new solution to shift with the ever-evolving media landscape.


The video advertising experience hasn’t evolved in decades. Long commercial breaks are still standard in ad delivery, despite disruption to viewers and subsequent decline in attention. Transmit has created a new standard using immersive creative templates to deliver personalized, relevant ads within the content stream, without interruption.

The OTT viewing experience today presents new challenges for advertisers due to the lack of innovation in streaming. Premium sports rights continue to rise. However, live audience watching on broadcast and the ability to monetize these rights are both shrinking. Transmit was founded to help broadcasters change the way live streaming content is distributed, monetized, and experienced by viewers. By fusing sports data together with AI and low-latency ad insertion, Transmit brings more context to the moments that matter most, and significantly offset the skyrocketing costs rights holders pay to stream live sports to viewers by creating incremental ad inventory.

Transmit’s goal is to maximize the revenue potential of the most valued streaming content by delivering new in-stream ad formats that optimize engagement during peaks and lulls in live content. Transmit’s tech solutions unlock new revenue sources in addition to filling regular ad breaks and managing traditional ad insertion for large sports broadcasters.

Strategy & Execution

Transmit is the first AI-based video encoding and advertising platform to programmatically deliver ads using innovative picture-in-picture formats at any point during live programming, creating new premium advertising inventory that is more engaging and less intrusive for publishers, advertisers, and viewers.

Transmit’s ad-insertions during broadcast displayed on picture-in-picture and L-shaped bar formats are presented without volume to not interfere with key moments during the broadcast. Additionally, Transmit’s partners have the ability to manually have control over the exact moment the ad insertion goes live. This feature can be self-service or be automated based on the specific partner need. Transmit’s platform is also capable of targeting advertisements for its viewers based on specific factors, including location. The platform is designed for ease of use for its operators while also keeping the viewer experience paramount.

Additionally, as viewers have shifted their content consumption patterns toward video streaming, media companies have been struggling to generate profit and responded with a multitude of paywall subscription services which have resulted in audience attrition and fragmentation. By presenting media programmers with innovative advertising solutions, they can generate incremental revenue from brand sponsors and provide global audiences access to a larger share of free ad supported programming.


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Seth Hittman
Co-Founder & CEO

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