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Videocites x NBA: Pioneering Innovation Through Creative Partnerships


The 6th Annual Awards

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The partnership between the NBA and Videocites continues to be one of the most creative and technologically driven partnerships within the sports and entertainment industry, creating significant value for both brands by focusing on delivering a world-class fan experience. As the partnership has evolved, the utilization of Videocites’ video-AI technology products have proven instrumental in delivering business success for the NBA, all of which have been made possible by the comprehensive tracking of the brand's content across the entire social media ecosystem, providing valuable insights, data, and measurable outcomes. Videocites' revolutionary and transparent video-AI fingerprinting technology enables tracking of all videos around every event, giving rightsholders a complete picture of their content’s reach and impact across social media. Solving a longstanding industry blindspot - accessing content that lives outside your own network.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The insights provided to the NBA by Videocites have driven unprecedented growth for the brand - all enabled by Videocites’ ability to track their content across all channels and the entirety of the social media ecosystem. As put by the NBA’s David Lee, Head of NBA Equity: “We’re excited to collaborate with Videocites to better understand how user-generated content resonates with our fans. This partnership and our investment in Videocites reflect our commitment to continue to grow and embrace our fans across the ever-evolving global social media landscape.” Videocites' impact on the NBA has reverberated across other global leagues, teams, and brands, transforming the way they use complete social media measurement, data, and insights to better understand their fans, engage with their fans, and drive sustainable, audience, engagement, and revenue growth.


The inception of this work between the NBA and Videocites was driven by an unwavering commitment to amplify the fan experience through a complete understanding of the NBA’s reach and impact on social media. By doing such, the NBA would be armed with new data and insights that span across owned, affiliate and organic channels - achievable and measurable solely through Videocites’ video-AI technology. This suite of data and insights would then be swiftly translated into action plans to not just to grow, but to surge the NBA’s brand ahead in audience, engagement, and revenue growth - critical for enabling the NBA to navigate a challenging landscape where competing for users' attention and financial support becomes increasingly arduous without the necessary data and insights for growth.

Strategy & Execution

Everything studied and explored was done through the lenses of improving fan experience through a more thoughtful, curated, and targeted approach to content creation and distribution. Execution against strategy was enabled by delivering the following: Benchmarking content performance against other leagues, teams, and brands. This would allow the NBA to understand where there are positions of strengths and weaknesses relative to their competitors in meeting their audience where they are with the content they desire. Evaluating channel and content mix performance. This would allow the NBA to understand specifically what channels and what types of content are driving highest degrees of fan engagement. Identifying and forging partnerships with creators and superfans. This would allow the NBA to deepen and grow their audience by co-creating engaging content that profoundly resonates with fans. Uncovering unrealized revenue on YouTube. This would allow the NBA to accelerate revenue growth while at the same time identifying new types of content and audiences to drive audience growth through the curation of content on this platform. Precision in measuring and valuing sponsors' media content. This would allow the NBA to better understand where they can best align brand types and content with the overarching fan experience goal.


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Aviad Louzon
CPO, Co-Founder

Eyal Arad

Kevin Esteves
Vice President, Digital Content Strategy & Analytics

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